Generational Soul™


There are invisible threads that weave a family soul together spanning several generations. From those many threads, we inherit unconscious, compelling bonds from our lineage. These threads entangle and enmesh us in fates that do not belong to us. These deeply rooted entanglements can date back two, three, or several more generations. 

The family ancestors that were unable to resolve difficulties within their own lifetimes have their fate unconsciously carried by future family members. It’s as if their unacknowledged fate is mysteriously woven in the very fiber of the family. It begins to reverberate loudly, as unconscious burdens are carried forward. Disturbances to the natural flow of love within a family can result from various situations and events such as: early loss of a parent or child, serious illness of a family member, interrupted bonding between parent and child, family secrets, war, unresolved feelings toward former partners, exclusion of family member, adoption, divorce, suicide, mental illness, miscarriages, stillbirths, & abortions, leaving ones homeland country, victim-perpetrators of crime and injustice, and a myriad of other issues. 

The deep residual impact of these difficult fates is often felt generations later, even when the particular family member is forgotten or long deceased. The family soul has an innate balancing mechanism that sees to it that someone in the family carry the fate, often an innocent and unknowing member of a future generation. 

At our core, every human being has a need to be loved and to belong. In order to belong to our family system, we willingly and unconsciously carry our family burden out of a blind loyalty and love. The family soul sees to it that the values, behaviors, and fates of ancestors are remembered. 

The potency and transformational power in the Generational Soul ™ work is attributed to the overflowing Grace of the Holy Spirit. The healing balm of love and forgiveness easily flows and quells the “suffering” that previously existed. When a family is in tune with the movements of the Soul, a subtle joy and peace can gently arise. We finally surrender, knowing there is great dignity in our human brokenness and bow to our fate.

The work seems mysterious, enchanting, and appears otherworldly in the depth and information that arises from what has often been called the “knowing field”. Having participated, studied, and been in multiple “family constellation” events with numerous facilitators (including superb German facilitators whom I deeply respect), I must acknowledge publically that my one true Teacher and loyalty remain with my spiritual lineage; God, my Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit. Indeed, this work is quite similar to family constellation in many aspects, but the initial unveiling of this specific work for me was guided, influenced, and remains under the domain of the One True Teacher. (e.g., when family constellation textbook says to always turn right in a particular situation and my Teacher whispers to turn left in the moment, I will always turn left). For this incredible blessing, I give deep thanks and all praise to God. 


I’ve had two sessions with Anastasia and was blown away by the purity of the space she provided in her work with me. She disappeared, egoically speaking, and allowed Spirit to facilitate the process entirely. I journeyed through some scary places, yet felt completely safe, loved, and supported in every moment. Anastasia is the real deal... clear, loving, and intimately plugged into Source. Her healing presence is a space of Grace within which to release the remnants of the cocoon of our past and arise as the butterfly we truly are.

-Noell Grace, Santa Barbara, CA


St. Francis of Assisi once said, ‘A single sunbeam is enough to drive away many shadows.’ Anastasia is a radiant beam of light, working deeply with her spiritual lineage. Her wisdom, clarity, and skill easily create a space for profound transformation to occur for body, mind, heart, and soul.

-Dr. Gael Crystal Flanagan, Sedona, AZ


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