Bootstraps of the Soul

Freedom through wholeness

There is hope


The Work of Anastasia Kurilich

Helping people return to their deep hearts

This is the ultimate freedom: to engage the totality of your being and live life fully embodied. Through retreats and personal sessions, my approach is an intuitive dance that empowers others to reclaim their essential self and innate joy, beauty, and wisdom as well as their unique creative purpose.

The work I do is available to all regardless of background but I'm pleased to offer it specifically to those forgotten ones affected by Vietnam and more recent wars. As a Gold Star child myself (having lost my father in Vietnam), I have a special understanding and compassion for other Gold Star family members and look forward to participating in their journey into healing. 


Big News!

The Run for the Wall

I was blessed to ride in the Run for the Wall over Memorial Day Weekend in honor of my father, Major Robert Vaso Kurilich. While I was there local news channel covered my story!



Ranging from a single day to a full week, retreats enable focused personal work in a group setting.

Upcoming retreats are planned for Tempe, AZ (March 2-3) and Pecos, NM (May 17-19).


Personal Sessions

Some processes are better handled over longer periods or with focused personal attention


I gained so many new tools and insights, but the most powerful thing I found was myself. Anastasia provides a space that is both safe and sacred-a place where you can heal the obstacles to the flow of love within yourself.
— Susan Sommers, Maui, HI


The Work

While talk therapy has its place, sometimes a different kind of work is needed to access old trauma or to free places in us that feel locked away. After working with several great teachers, I developed the modalities of Living Breath™ and Generational Soul™ to help lead others to greater freedom.


Living Breath™

Withheld feelings and traumas all too often claim the natural rhythm of our breathing which greatly affects our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health. By removing the obstacles to deep, centered breathing, we return to an embodiment that fosters a free and authentic expression of essence.


Generational Soul™

At our core, every human being has a need to be loved and to belong. In order to belong to our family system, we willingly and unconsciously carry our family burden out of a blind loyalty and love. When a family is in tune with the movements of the Soul, a subtle joy and peace can gently arise.


What's Next

Run to the Wall


I'm humbled to announce that I was able to ride in this year's Run for the Wall in honor of my father, Major Robert Vaso Kurilich. What's more, my father was specifically honored in the final Missing Man formation as we rode into Washington, DC., over Memorial Day Weekend. 

While there, I was interviewed at the Vietnam Memorial on Memorial Day about my experience as a Vietnam Gold Star daughter and the healing journey that I've been on as an adult. You can watch the story on the local DC station’s website.


The Book

While I continue to work with people in Living Breath and Generational Soul sessions, I'm working on a book that chronicles my experience of growing up as a Gold Star child (my father was killed in Vietnam) and the healing process that I've journeyed through as an adult. I recently finished the first draft so editor friends and I are beginning the editing process and will be looking for a publisher soon. For those who might want to support the work, I am accepting donations.  


The Documentary

Filmmaker and good friend Ken Kebow is currently making a documentary about my journey and the larger experience of losing a parent in war and thus being in a Gold Star family. Shooting is underway now and we will be releasing more information here as the film nears completion.

If you'd like to help support the film you can contact Ken through his website.


Upcoming Events

March 2-3
Tempe, AZ

For friends deep in the Southwest, this retreat will include both Living Breath and Generational Soul work. Contact Anastasia to find out more and register.

May 17-19
Pecos, NM

Hosted on the beautiful grounds of a monastery outside Santa Fe, New Mexico, this retreat will include both Living Breath and Generational Soul work. Contact Anastasia to find out more and register.


Speaking Opportunities

After experiencing the wide-reaching effects of the healing workshops and sessions I have begun speaking to groups about the opportunities for all of us to grow into greater freedom. 

Topics can include the breathing work of Living Breath, the deep internal work of Generational Soul or my personal experience as a Gold Star daughter who lost her father in the Vietnam war.

I am based out of Southern California and Santa Fe, New Mexico, but I am available to fly to your location as well.


The work we did was the most beautiful experience I’ve ever had. I thank you immensely for it.
— Paul Webb, PhD., BC, Canada